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 MyEd BC Help

 *Keep in mind that each district may have its own requirements around reporting. If you feel unsure, please contact a local mentor or let us help you find someone

MyEdBC DRAFT Teacher Training Documents 2015-09-25 revision 29

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Marks Reporting
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Marks Reporting 12 Marks Reporting copy
This is what one of our Superstar teachers came up with to do marks verification.
On the main screen:
1)      Click on the “class” that you want to view. [You need to make sure that there is check mark in the box for grades posted]
2)      Your class list should show up, then select “REPORTS” (below the MY INFO tab at the top of the screen)
3)      Then choose “MIDDLE YEARS / SECONDARY” reports  (Grade 8 and 9 classes need to have MIDDLE YEARS selected in order to see letter grades)
4)      A pop-up screen will show up (you might need to enable pop-ups for MyEdBC).  Under “Report Card Type”, choose “SECONDARY” Report Card” (Grade 8 and 9 classes need to have MIDDLE YEARS selected in order to see letter grades)
5)      Click “RUN”. Verifications will open as a pdf file. You can save the pdf to your desktop if needed
If this doesn’t work your Pop-Ups are blocked.
1)   On the top right of your screen, click on the yellow Pop Up button
2)   Enable Pop Up’s for MyEd

3)   Repeat above  steps.


If you are currently not able to bookmark the MyEDBC login page in Google Chrome, here is what you can do until a fix is created by IMS.

Alternative: Creating a shortcut on the desktop

Go to the MyEDBC Login screen à ( )
·        Resize your Chrome window so that you can see part of the desktop
Click on the green lock icon to the left of the web address (See below)
Click and drag the green lock icon to an open space on your desktop. After you release the mouse button, a short cut will be created.
Double clicking the shortcut will open the page


**Do not use the POST GRADES button until you are ready to post. **
Work Habits:  All students will receive a mark reflective of their work habits. Only G, S or N may be used.  Do not select E (Excellent).  Although “E” appears in MyEd BC, it is not an available option.  Teachers may choose to use the attached “Work Habit Rubric” to guide their decision-making, or they may use the rubric found in the student planner.
 Comments: All students will receive at least one comment that reflects their achievement and/or progress. All ELL students must receive an additional comment that reflects their language acquisition. Report card comments are attached. 
I Report TemplateStudents at risk of failing must receive a supplemental I-Form attached to their report card.  A standardized I letter-grade template is attached. Alternatively, teachers can use triplicate I-Forms located in the sign-in room, or they can attach their own printed progress forms to the report card.