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New Teacher Mentoring Project

The New Teacher Mentoring Project is a partnership project of the BC Teacher’s Federation, UBC Faculty of Education, and the BC Superintendent’s Association, funded through a grant from the Ministry of Education. The project goal is to provide a coherent, research-based, and sustainable system of support for teachers in their early years throughout the province. Since the project began in the Spring of 2012, the project has provided financial and consultative support in building a quality mentorship program in 12 school districts across the province. The project also facilitates workshops for mentors and early career teachers designed to build effective, learning-focused relationships. The project sponsors a summer institute in mentor leadership held at UBC in July.

Please visit the website of the New Teacher Mentoring Project,, to learn about different mentoring programs and initiatives across the province, access resources and research, and network with other BC educators committed to mentoring practice.

To submit a description of the mentoring program in your district/local, please click here to access the template. Your template will be published on the contacts map on

  • What is the New Teacher Mentoring ProjectPDF file; Acrobat Reader required. The document is in PDF format.
  • If your district does not currently have a local mentorship project, contact the provincial BC Mentorship Project (new in 2014).

Does my district have a local  mentorship program?

The following is from “Mentoring: The BC picture”, Prepared by BCTF Research Mentoring Survey, April 2012 

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*Please note: this data is from 2012, so some things may have changed. Contact your local Teachers’ Association to double-check.

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