Screen shot 2015-06-06 at 7.54.46 PMStarling Minds is a program affiliated with the BCTF that focuses on mental health. It was made specifically for teachers. It is an online tool that includes education about mental functioning, and how to manage stress, anxiety, and depression. Their mission is to change the way society views mental health, by providing individuals with the knowledge and skills to manage their own mental health.


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Need assistance of inspiration with Provincial Software Acquisition, Classroom Technology Projects, or Student Technology Projects for students with complex needs? SET-BC consultants facilitate a large number of Professional Development and training events throughout British Columbia during the school year. Their facilitated events include both face-to-face and online sessions.  In this area of the website, they have information about past events, online registration for upcoming events, and a link to the SETconcierge who can help you find Pro D or training resources to meet your specific needs. SET-BC provides technology loans to BC school districts to help them support their students’ access to their educational programs.

SET-BC consultants also continuously develop online or web-based Professional Development resources that include our site, self-directed courses, recorded presentations, technology tutorials, SETflix videos and workshop guidelines.  These resources include videos and presentations from experts in the field on broad topics as well as screen demonstrations and tutorials that provide training on specific technologies.

Some of their online tutorials include
-commonly asked questions about the use of Clicker 6
-Chrome Extensions which offer support for reading and writing.
-iPads: built-in accessibility features that support students with special needs.

Some years SET-BC is able to support small student-based technology projects that are designed to investigate and explore how new technologies can support students’ IEP goals. These projects can also extend the use of existing technologies within the student’s educational programs. For more information on these projects, contact us at



TeachBC is an online resource of teaching materials, lessons, and research relevant to the K-12 BC curriculum.  The website is public and open to everyone through the generosity of BC public school teachers. Anyone can browse and download (or upload!) resources for classroom or professional use. Browsing is easy: users can search by subject, grade level, resource type, title, description, language, and more.

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BCTF Handbook for New Teachers and TTOC’s

This handbook (The Practice of Teaching – Handbook for New Teachers and TTOCs) contains information on a variety of practical topics, such as classroom management, reporting requirements, working with parents, and sources of help for new teachers and TTOCs, as well as information regarding the history of our BC Teachers’ Federation.

Important information for Teachers teaching on-Call.

Interested in opportunities within our union? Expenses are covered, and any missed teaching days are paid at your regular rate (TTOCs, too!).



What is the BCTF?

What is the BCTF? Don’t worry! We’re glad you asked! The BCTF is big, complex, and important. This link will give you a really good explanation of how the BCTF works, how you can contribute, and how you fit into the big picture!

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Read Write Think

Read Write Think may be from the U.S., but it’s amazing! Lessons, interactives, calendar activities, and more, right at your fingertips, organized by grade and subject area(s). Lesson plans are written and reviewed by educators using current research and the best instructional practices and are aligned to state and national standards. Choose from hundreds of topics and strategies. For example, this oral presentation rubric makes assessment easy, and their instructional videos demo close reading, strategies, and teachers in action.


The New Teacher Mentoring Project

The New Teacher Mentoring Project: Bringing BC Educators Together
NTMP is committed to building a mentoring culture within all districts that welcome BC’s newest teachers, provides for continuity of teachers’ professional learning, and reinvigorates teaching and learning communities. The New Teacher Mentoring Project (NTMP) has emerged from aligned interest within the BC Teachers’ Federation, the University of British Columbia, and the BC School Superintendents’ Association, to seek a more formalized and integrated system of support for inducting, developing, and retaining teachers in BC. The current Ministry of Education BC Education Plan also acknowledges the complexity of teachers’ roles and identifies mentoring as an integral means of supporting ongoing professional learning, both in teachers’ formative years and throughout their career.

unnamedThe StartUP! Program was developed to provide curriculum based support for early career teachers through a series of workshops and web based resources. More than 1500 early career teachers have participated in the StartUP! program and have recommended it.

This ‘wiki’ site is an extension of the StartUP! program workshops. It is a community hub made up of new and experienced educators that provide ongoing support for new teachers in British Columbia. It is free to join, and does not require participation in the StartUP! workshops (although they are highly recommended!).

MyPITA continues to support early career teachers through the Start UP! Your Class Cooperative. The cooperative has also had financial support from the Ministry of Education and BCTF local Pro D committees in Abbotsford, Delta, Burnaby, Surrey Kelowna, Kamloops and more.

Understanding the roles and responsibilities of a teacher assistant working in your classroom often arises as a question and challenge for new teachers. What is a teacher responsible for in designing learning experiences for students with special needs? In what way can a teacher assistant be asked to implement programs for special needs students? How much can a teacher ask of a teacher assistant? Here’s a great document that explains answers to these EA-role-related questions.



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The Learning Assistance Teachers’ Association

The Learning Assistance Teachers’ Association (LATA) is one of the BCTF’s 33 Provincial Specialists’ Associations (PSA’s) that advise the BCTF Executive Committee regarding assessment, technology, teacher education, and curriculum/resources. In addition, every year LATA makes significant contributions to the public education system through curriculum initiatives, in-service education, professional development, ministry committees, publications, presentations and conferences.

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