Your BCECTA Executive Committee is made up of teachers and early-career teachers. We encourage anyone interested to put their name forward for future years, and we are always seeking submissions for our newsletter. 
BCECTA Executive Committee 2018-2019:
President – Amanda Long – Coquitlam
Vice-President – Nicole Jarvis – Surrey
Vice-President – Alexandra Adhikary -Peace River North
Secretary – Jennifer McDonald – Greater Victoria
Treasurer – Amanda Roberts – Coquitlam
Conference Chair –  Laura Seer – Cariboo-Chilcotin
Website Manager – Mark Morrison – Greater Victoria
Editor – Victoria Grandy, Coquitlam
Member-at-large – Caitlyn Lauder – Coquitlam
Member-at-large – Linnea Wolfe
Member-at-large – Cassia Drozkzik – Surrey

Member-at-large – Lisa Herten – Coquitlam
Member-at-large –  VACANT – interested in joining our team? Email bcecta@gmail.com!


About Us

The British Columbia Teachers’ Federation (BCTF), established in 1917, is the union of professionals representing roughly 41,000 public school teachers in the province of British Columbia, Canada. All public school teachers belong to the BCTF and their local teachers’ association (local unions of the BCTF). All members of the BCTF can join Provincial Specialist Associations, such as BCECTA, in order to network, receive support, and contribute to professional development on a larger scale. Fees are subsidized for TTOC’s and student teachers.  Independent school teachers may join PSA’s also, for a slightly higher membership fee.

Welcome to the British Columbia Early Career Teachers’ Association!
We are the newest Professional Specialist Association of the BCTF. Did you know that there hasn’t been a new PSA in British Columbia in over 10 years? We are pleased to be supporting Teachers-Teaching-on-Call and early career teachers in their first years of teaching. We welcome all teachers, no matter your age, experience or teaching area. We are expanding our communications to include Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, while expanding this website as our main resource for providing members with support.  We here at BCECTA are updating the PSA’s projects on a daily basis. Check back often; there’s more to come!

Specifics in regards to workshops for student teachers: the BCTF offers workshops specifically for student teachers at no cost to the university. For more information, please contact Cécilia Huard de la Marre at chuarddelamarre@bctf.ca or 604.871.1869 or toll free at 1.800.663.9163. BCECTA is working on developing our own set of workshops, so stay tuned for updates.


Our Policy:

To support the work of early career teachers and teachers-teaching-on-call by means of special services, resources, networking, and advocacy while working toward appropriate and accessible professional development opportunities to meet the unique and diverse needs of new teachers and build a culture of belong to a PSA (Provincial Specialist Association) early in a teacher’s career.

Our Mission:

To serve as a dedicated resource for new and early career teachers in British Columbia.

We believe that high quality, beginning teacher professional learning should be:

  •  Pragmatic and classroom-oriented
  •  Accessible in terms of proximity and cost
  •  Easy to implement
  •  Relevant to the teacher, school, and classroom environment
  •  Proven effective based on research, best practices, and program evaluation
  •  Based on students’ and teachers’ needs
  •  Continuously based in a growth mindset

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